CustomSoft highlighted Barriers that spoils your Professional Growth

In today’s competitive world we need to grow faster in our professional life but somehow many of professionals are facing problem in their professional life. As per study there are some major barriers that affect your professional growth-

  1. Fear: Some people fear to be mocked for what they do. Others are afraid of change. The most common fear is most probably the fear of failure. No one wants to fail and most of us are so afraid of it that we refrain from trying in the first place.
  2. Laziness and lack of discipline
  3. Lack of Self Confidence
  4. Goals and visions are not decided
  5. Lack of Self Knowledge

To overcome these barriers first of all, you have to identify which are your personal barriers. Everyone can overcome his or her barriers to personal growth and development. All it requires are Willingness, Persistence and right strategy.


Some of the techniques are –


  1. Know yourself- Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Build Self Confidence- Over confidence is harmful but self confidence is must that one should build to develop his or her professional growth
  3. Strategy planning- For each task you need to plan strategically considering or plus and minus of it.
  4. Be proactive
  5. Adopt Self discipline among yourself
  6. Decide your goals and targets and step ahead.


With little efforts anyone can be successful in professional life. CustomSoft always helps its employees to understand their strengths and weaknesses in professional life and also helps at full to overcome. That is one of the reason that employees of CustomSoft are satisfied with their professional life and are performing the most..


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Leave Management Software by CustomSoft

        Staff leave planning using CustomSoft’s Leave Management Software benefits both employers and employees by giving a fair and transparent leave approval workflow.

         Employees can view current leave balances, request leaves, view past leave history, and managers can review and approve leave applications on the dashboard.

         By using Web Based Leave Management System developed by CustomSoft Employees can plan their leave around the team calendar to make sure your departments are adequately staffed. Setting restricted days or restricted team members ensures that key members of the team do not take off at the same time.


      Online leave management System by CustomSoft helps you to customize leave types and set up complex leave policies for any type of industry.

Key features are:

  • Applying for Leave: Employees have the ability to apply for leave online.
  • Tracking Approval: Once an employee applies for leave, the request for approval is triggered and the line manager gets a notification for approval. The status of the approval can be tracked by the employees at any time.
  • Cancel Leave: Employees can cancel their request for leave anytime.
  • Viewing the available balances: Organizations offer different types of leave policies, which have different rules for accruing the time off that can be availed.
  • Encash Leave: This Leave Management System supports the ability for encashment of leave depending on the business policies.

         CustomSoft is providing high-quality, cost effective custom software development and many business related outsourcing services to industries and enterprises around world. CustomSoft is custom offshore software outsourcing company with expertise in outsourced product development & enterprise application development services.

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Customized Shopping Cart System by CustomSoft


Customized Shopping Cart System India is useful system to shop anything from anywhere around the world. Web based Shopping Cart System also used in shopping malls and other small stores. This system is user friendly .This System is divided into two sessions first for Managers and another for users. It helps to manage all activities of buying and selling products.


  • Registration
  • Product Description
  • Categories Selection
  • Products Selection
  • Unlimited Manufacturers
  • Multi Currency Facility
  • Multi Language Selection
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Rating
  • Free Documentation
  • Image Upload /Delete Facility
  • Automatic Image Resize
  • Payment Gateways


  • Allows multiuser shop at a time from all over the world
  • System can be used for all currencies
  • Handle number of customers online reducing the manual assistance and staffing service need
  • Debit card payments or online payment processor like PayPal.
  • Shopping cart in local language
  • Creates ease in functioning
  • Gateways used for payment are from options like credit card payment, online banking transaction


Custom Soft truly believes on client satisfaction and high quality of software. Currently more than 35 institutions in USA are using this software. Clients from U.S., U.K. Canada, and Australia are also using Custom Soft Shopping Cart System.

To know more about Custom Soft –

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CustomSoft Dealership Management Software


        CustomSoft Dealership Management Software will help you increase revenue from sales and service. You can boost gross profit by saving your time and reducing your advertising expenses. This is one solution for all of your dealership’s departments.

         Customized Dealership Management Software by CustomSoft helps to produces results that of increased sales, higher gross and improved customer satisfaction and better service. Now you can able to set appointments and initiate chat and text conversations with consumers.

Features Checklist

  • Registration and Enquiry
  • 3D Image and Video
  • Accounting
  • Collections Management
  • Customer Database
  • Financing Management
  • Form Printing
  • Inventory Management
  • Online Inventory
  • Sales Management
  • Service Department
  • Payroll Management
  • Discount and Offers
  • Report Generation
  • Performance Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and Feedback

       CustomSoft is providing high-quality, cost effective custom software development and many business related outsourcing services to industries and enterprises around world. CustomSoft is custom offshore software outsourcing company with expertise in outsourced product development & enterprise application development services.

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Medical practitioner Android App by CustomSoft

       Medical practitioner Android App by CustomSoft is a Web-based medical billing and practice management solution which is useful for physicians. This Mobile Application suits small practices and billing companies. With Customized Practice Management Android App you can confirm insurance, manage delinquent accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, and develop customized reports and more.



  • Registration and login
  • Online Patient Form
  • Enquiry and Registration
  • Doctors Appointment
  • Doctor’s information
  • Trusted Database Management
  • Patient Data Access
  • Insurance Management
  • Patient Record Management
  • Patient Report Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and Feedback


  • Attractive UI
  • User Friendly
  • Cost Effective

         CustomSoft is complete Software and Mobile Applications Provider Company based in India. CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business.

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Workflow Management System by CustomSoft


Workflow Management System is not only useful to improve the efficiency of your employees but also to free up your time and ensure every employee is clear about what he/she need to work.

       CustomSoft provides full range of Software development services like Website Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works.

Features Provided by CustomSoft in Workflow Management System


  • Assign Role

  • Date and Time Management

  • Role-Based Access Control

  • Notifications

  • Workflow Check

  • Process Approval

  • Compliance Management

  • Graphical Workflow

  • Resource Management

  • Assign Next Task

  • Review and Feedback



  • Register

  • Alerts

  • Work on Assigned Task

  • Submit Task for Review

  • Comments and Feedback


Email CustomSoft:

To know more about CustomSoft:

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Inventory Management System by CustomSoft


Custom-Soft India based Software company successfully implemented inventory management system for Canada based clients

Custom-Soft India based Software Company having huge experience in designing and developing customized Software for the clients all over the world. Recently Custom-Soft successfully implemented Customized software- Inventory Management System for its esteem client based in Canada.

It helps Service and product based companies to track and manage their inventories

Features of Customized Inventory Management System

  1. Order Management
  2. Asset Tracking
  3. Service Management
  4. Product Identification
  5. Vendor and Purchase order Management
  6. Alerts of Shortage of product or expiry of product etc
  7. Reports generation


  1. User friendly
  2. Accuracy in report generation
  3. Compatible with all devices of Android and Iphone
  4. Cost effective
  5. Timely alerts
  6. Trusted account Management

Custom-Soft truly believes on client satisfaction and high quality product development

Pat Schorder –owner of reputed manufacturing company said,” Inventory Management System developed by Custom-Soft is very useful and it is designed considering all the features. It is very user friendly as anyone can operate is very effectively”

About Custom-Soft

Custom-Soft is Pune based offshore Software Development Company working for USA, UK, and CANADA & EUROPE based clients also working for more than 15 different countries.
Custom-Soft provides Business solutions to specific domains like Insurance, Healthcare, HR, Optician Industry, Shipping and Logistics, retail, Real Estate, and Ecommerce. Custom-Soft having expertise in CustomSoftware for Healthcare system, CustomSoftware review and rating system for restaurants, CustomSoftware for ERP, CustomSoftware for CRM, CustomSoftware for EHS, CustomSoftware  for CMS, CustomSoftware for EHR, CustomSoftware for Elearning, CustomSoftware for Ecommerce and many more.

Custom-Soft having offices in India, U.S. and U.K


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Hire Delphi Programmer in CustomSoft


Custom-Soft has staff of 30+ Delphi Programmers working in our Indian offices. Custom-Soft has expertise of Delphi developers delivering high quality Delphi 5.0, Delphi 7.0 Solutions to companies in USA, UK Canada and Australia.

Custom-Soft has deployed various Delphi POS Software (Point of Sales Software) for 200+ companies in US. Know more about Custom-Soft Delphi Programmer service drop an e-mail at .

Custom-Soft Delphi Programmers are highly skilled in:

  • Application Development with Delphi
  • Borland Delphi 5, Delphi 6, Delphi 7, Delphi 8, Delphi XE8
  • Delphi for .NET ( .NET Development using Borland Delphi 2006)
  • Delphi Product Development
  • Delphi Custom Software Development


Offshore Delphi Development Services & Benefits :

  • Proven Methodology
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Dedicated Support from Custom-Soft
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee



Delphi Solution:

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Learning Skills improvement techniques presented by CustomSoft

learning-management-01CustomSoft Pune based reputed Software Development company has done analysis on How to improve learning skills.

Learning is a skill and it can be improved. Everyone has the opportunity to develop their memory and learning ability. Identifying your own learning style and the methods that work for you is key. The more you use your brain the better it will work.


Learning something new always takes commitment and self discipline as well as conscious practice. Your conception of what learning is and your motivation to study will determine your success

  1. Make a note
  2. Organize your time
  3. Read related books
  4. Discuss with Others
  5. Take enough sleep
  6. Brain Nourishment by exercising, healthy food, avoid alcohol
  7. Develop your listening skills so that you can improve your concentration

CustomSoft has implemented the same with its team and it really worked well.

About Custom Soft

CustomSoft is India based Software Company working for USA, UK, and CANADA & EUROPE based clients also working for different countries.

CustomSoft having expertise in Custom Software for Healthcare system, Custom review and rating system for restaurants, Custom Software for ERP, Custom Software for CRM,   Custom Software for EHS, Custom Software  for CMS, Custom Software for EHR, Custom Software for E-learning, Custom Software for Ecommerce and many more.

To Contact CustomSoft:


To know more about CustomSoft:

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Confidence Building in a team- Strategies presented by CustomSoft


Custom Soft has followed some strategies to build confidence among the team. The strategies planned by Custom Soft are very much effective and with positive output.

Custom Soft Truly believes on team work. Custom Soft Management is always ready and initiative about the team building and confidence building among the team. As project management professionals, one of the most important roles is to bring out the best in our team. This includes not just building a great team, but encouraging collaboration and empowering people around us. We achieve this success by helping individuals improve their confidence and make them see that their contributions and talents matter. The rewards are big—from improved employee engagement and performance to increased productivity. Here are some practices CustomSoft follws to build confidence-

  1. Helps to learn and develop- Custom Soft always Motivates and encourages its employees to learn and experiment new things.
  2. Step by Step Delegation- Custom Soft delegates works step by step to reduce level of stress.
  3. Focus on strength- CustomSoft understands the inner strength of an individual and motivates them accordingly
  4. Supportive seniors- Management and well as Seniors are always ready to support their team
  5. Timely Praise- The main thing which all the employees of Custom Soft appreciate is timely praise from management even in small achievement of any team member
  6. Open Communication and knowledge sharing- Custom Soft has removed all the communication bars to create healthy and open communication and sharing knowledge with each other
  7. Exposure to adopt new things- Custom Soft believes in Continual Improvement on account of each process. All the new suggestions are always welcome and implemented in Custom Soft.
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