Online Meeting Scheduler App by CustomSoft


                Online Meeting Scheduler App by CustomSoft is very helpful to manage your time for meeting. There is no need of paper. You can schedule your meeting online by using your mobile.

             CustomSoft is a complete Software Services Provider Company based in India. CustomSoft provides full range of Software development services like Website Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works.


  • Register/ Login
  • Title
  • Meeting Location Selection
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Hours Selection
  • Meeting Details
  • Email Id
  • Date and Time Selection
  • No of attendee
  • Send Invitations to Attendee via Email
  • Facility Scheduling
  • Group Scheduling
  • Online Scheduling
  • Payment Processing
  • Reminders
  • Reservations

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Hospital Management Software by CustomSoft

       Hospital Management Software by CustomSoft helps in easy management of multi-speciality hospital software, nursing home, polyclinic, medical shop, and pathology.

       This super-specialty software helps to provide excellent services and solutions across the Healthcare Industry such as Multi Speciality Hospitals and General Hospitals.



  • Registration and Login
  • Accounting Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Claims Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Human Resource Management
  • In-Patient Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Out-Patient Management
  • Patient Records Management
  • Physician Management
  • Policy Management
  • Bed Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Review and Feedback
  • Payment gateway


        In today’s world, organizations are rapidly changing themselves for customer needs. CustomSoft is well known Software Development Company. CustomSoft helps customers to do business better with the help of deep technology expertise.

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Building Effective Communication Skill


Communication is about more than just exchanging information. It’s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is also a two-way street. It’s not only how you convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way you intended, it’s also how you listen to gain the full meaning of what’s being said and to make the other person feel heard and understood.

Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill. Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life.  Many jobs require strong communication skills and people with good communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family.

Barriers in Effective Communication:

  1. Lack of Concentration
  2. Negative Body language
  3. Stress
  4. Lack of Self Confidence

How to Communicate Effectively:

  1. Be a Good listener
  2. Use proper tone of language
  3. Give practical examples while communicating and use humors wherever required
  4. Allow others to interact with you
  5. Make your audience comfortable
  6. Show empathy towards your audience
  7. Always have a positive and commanding body language

After all, an effective communication is communication that is clearly and successfully delivered, received and understood.

CustomSoft India based Software development company take sincere efforts in developing soft skills among its employees. Building Effective Communication skill is one of them.  CustomSoft conduct technology training as well for its employees for many web technologies like java, php. Android, .net.

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Lab Information Management System by Custom Soft

           Lab Information Management System developed by Custom Soft is very useful System.

       The electronically sent orders are tracked back when the results return and the physician can see all of his orders results in a lab result queue which incorporates a document management system too.


         This Software is useful for Real-time analysis and sample tracking, Eliminate human error, Easy accreditation, Client satisfaction, Easy installation and Professional Support.

         Custom reports, Manifests, Requisitions, Bar Code generation, Specimen Labels are also done when necessary. The system also provides the ability to generate color-graphs to chart any test result (like Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, etc) over a period of time.

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Banking Software by CustomSoft


Customized Banking System developed by CustomSoft is useful Software. It is used to Keep track of all records of Bank. The bank management system is an application for maintaining a personal account in a bank. The system provides the access to the customer to create an account. Customer can deposit or withdraw the cash from his account.

 CustomSoft provide Features like

  • Registration and Login
  • All Accounts View
  • Fund Transfers
  • Account Balances
  • Schedule future payments
  • Loan Applications
  • Loan Balances
  • Increase or decrease card limit
  • Transaction History


CustomSoft Provides full range of Software development services like Website Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works. CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business.


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Healthcare Software Product Developed by CustomSoft

         CustomSoft is India based offshore Software Product development company developed Customized Healthcare Software Product for Malaysia based client.

       Healthcare Software Product introduced by CustomSoft is useful for account management of all patients new appoint management, billing section, Inventory section and many other things.


Outsourced Healthcare Software Product Development Benefits by CustomSoft Healthcare

  • Management of all medical activities and services
  • Saves time and money of both patient and service providers
  • Rules based engine gives more flexibility in tracking, monitoring and updating proper educational tools interns raise independent work performance
  • Evaluation of common items
  • Automatic corrections in related coding
  • Authorization of denied procedures and appropriate collectors
  • Management of performance evaluation service
  • Compare cost verses performance issues


Features of Healthcare Software Product

  • Accounting Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Claims Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Human Resource Management
  • Patient Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Physician Management
  • Policy Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Report Generation
  • Medication Records
  • Clinical Data Management


Review for CustomSoft Healthcare Software Product

       “Healthcare software product developed at CustomSoft is very smartly performs all our medical billing and other main admin activities too.”

                                                                   Ruth Mitchell (Hospital Dean)
                                                                     Top Hospital, Malaysia

About Custom Soft

     CustomSoft is India based Software Company working for USA, UK, and CANADA & EUROPE based clients also working for different countries.

     CustomSoft having expertise in Custom Software for Healthcare system, Custom review and rating system for restaurants, Custom Software for ERP, Custom Software for CRM,   Custom Software for EHS, Custom Software for CMS, Custom Software for EHR, Custom Software for E-learning, Custom Software for Ecommerce and many more.

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Self Discipline blog by CustomSoft

self-discipline custom soft

A wonderful thought shared by Dennis  Prager ,” Happiness id depends on Self Discipline. We are the biggest Obstacles to our own happiness.  It is much easier to do battle  with the society and to others than to fight  our nature.”

Self Discipline is a skill that can be developed and improved by practice. Once you have made the plan and done the other necessary things, you have only one thing to do “Just focus on showing up and doing what you have to”. With time this is going to be a lot more enjoyable and rewarding than if you had chosen not to do this. Self Discipline will make you a successful leader; while the process of becoming a leader may be simple it is not easy to do.

There are some ways which will help you to become a Self Disciplined person as well as a good leader-

  1. Inner desire to do: If any work comes don’t do as it is required but do it from bottom of your heart. Your inner desire will help you to finish the task more efficiently.
  2. Have a Clear Plan: Have a clear plan and for a start only plan the time allocation and the activity.
  3. Make things happen –Smart and hard work will make the things done. Do not rely on luck or chance of things going your way or you feeling motivated at an opportune moment.
  4. Trust yourself: Set some goals and deadlines for yourself. Trust yourself and think positively while moving towards completion of any work.
  5. Do not pressurize yourself: Set a proper process and plan to do the task. Do not pressurize yourself. Keep your mind cool, so that you can concentrate on your target. While planning for the task, consider the obstacles and problems you may face and try to avoid it.
  6. Compete with Yourself: Compete with rather than with others because any improvement in you than the previous one is a success and achievement.

CustomSoft a leading software company always take initiative to develop technical as well as soft skills among their employees. The success of CustomSoft is continual improvement and client Satisfaction because of dedication and high quality Software products.

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Health Insurance Software introduced by CustomSoft


CustomSoft developed more than 100 applications for client. In order to find the right customers and keep them, insurers must be better for understanding them – their data, their needs and their way of thinking. So to solve this big issue CustomSoft launched Health Insurance Software for client.

Being active in the health insurance software development industry for a long time, CustomSoft knows all the software practical issues and so the best source to get the reliable software for health insurance.

CustomSoft is having talented team to develop software in various domains. CustomSoft is successfully moving with the principle of client satisfaction and high quality software.


Benefits of developing Health care software solution with Custom Soft:

  • Solution developed from client’s point of view
  • Solution combining many systems into one application for improved manageability.
  • Health care insurance software systems reduce maintenance cost by reducing downtime.
  • Single database for overall data residing which minimize response time for customer query.
  • Insurance software solution standardizes the administrative process for all clients.
  • Automate manual task by delivering important and efficient benefits in services.


Healthcare Software:

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EMR Implementation by Custom Soft

          EMR Implementation by Custom Soft offers offers various healthcare process management services, which saves time as well as money ensuring the best customer services to their patients.


            EMR Implementation having large demand as it is developed considering all the features and requirement of Healthcare sector.

              EMR Implementation contains customized EMR Solution for each individual patient as per need. It increases the efficiency of physicians and reduces cost of management like scheduling the appointments of patients, revisits to office and laboratories.

Modules of EMR Implementation India by Custom Soft

  • Demographics of Patient
  • Patient Appointment Scheduler
  • Clinical history with records of patient’s every visit
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Reports with the Progress Notes
  • Assist to the physician by Prescription Writer
  • Records the Lab Orders
  • Document Manager
  • All-inclusive Reports
  • Integrations with other applications

     EMR Implementation India by Custom Soft Healthcare has several automated processes Recommendations about preventative healthcare:

  • Online pharmacy services that provide e-prescription for medicines
  • Pre-defined treatment options for common ailments
  • Easy-to-use electronic medical charts
  • Workflows that can be customized to match your office’s needs
  • Complete demographic data of every patient
  • Recommendations regarding drug dosages
  • Alerts about interactions and allergies

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Clinical Trial Management System by CustomSoft

            Clinical Trial Management System is used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to manage clinical trials in clinical research.


              The System maintains and manages planning, performing and reporting functions, along with participant contact information, tracking deadlines and milestones.

             CTMS developed by CustomSoft helps in Time Sheet & Expense Reporting, Monitor Patient Visits, Site Monitoring Reports, Track Procedures by Visits, Site Budget Management, Drug Supplies Inventory Management, CRA Monthly Targets ,Site Feasibility, Actual Vs Budgeted Variance, Global Trial Management and Pass through Budget Preparation.

           CustomSoft is a Offshore Software Development Company based in India. CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business. CustomSoft provides Software development services like Website Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works.


  • Document Management
  • Electronic Data Capture
  • Enrollment Management
  • Monitoring Patient Database
  • Recruiting Management
  • Scheduling
  • Study Planning

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